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Warm and Soothing Update for Medical Facility

Most of us don’t relish a doctor’s visit—feeling unsettled, unwell, or nervous isn’t pleasant. Andersen Office Interiors staff’s goal was to create a warm and homey feel for this upscale medical facility interior, inspiring as much relaxation as possible within a space that offered modern luxury.

Sophisticated reception space

An elegant reception area greets patients upon entry. The custom-designed layout for the reception station ensures patient privacy when discussing confidential medical matters at registration or check-out. A warm and soothing color palette in honey and walnut was chosen for walls, flooring, and furniture. The Carolina Contrast Sophisticated reception seating is comfortable, refined, and spacious. Overall, the reception space colors contrast beautifully with dark, rich veneers. With expansive windows letting in natural light and spacious seating, the waiting area is both comforting and fresh.

Homey touches for exam rooms

An open, airy staircase leads to upstairs examination rooms. When designing exam rooms, staff channeled the soothing comforts of home here, too. In the halls, white crown moldings and wainscoting complement white door trim for gentle contrast against honey-colored walls. The exam rooms feature white wainscoting as well to reinforce the feeling of a homey environment. Rich, dark wood doors with frosted glass inserts add a luxe touch to the normally utilitarian exam door.

Functional yet beautiful touches

With high patient volume, exam rooms have to hold up to constant traffic. Room signs were custom-designed for the specific needs of the practice. Each sign includes a room number, a holder for patient files, and a white magnetic erasable writing board for quick notes. Inside the rooms, Crypton fabrics were used for seating. Easy to clean, this heavy-duty fabric is impenetrable as well as stain-, moisture-, and odor-resistant—the ultimate performance fabric for the heavy demands of a medical office. For halls and exam room floors, Shaw high-performance wood-design LVT floor planks were chosen. The look is warm and modern.

Easy-to-clean bathrooms

With light-colored stone flooring and contrasting large chiseled porcelain wall tiling, the bathrooms feel open and welcoming. Designed to be ADA-compliant, they feature open vanities. Toilets are mounted to the back wall, meaning they are off the floor for easy cleaning.

With modern luxury and soothing colors, Andersen Office Interiors made this medical facility open, inviting, and comforting for its patient visitors.

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