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Workstation / Benching Systems

Modern workstations must be capable of handling a range of applications. Aesthetics are often trumped by functionality. Individual user customization is increasingly desirable to adjust with shifts in the workforce. We’ll guide you through a collection of multi-use, multi-purpose workstation solutions including adjustable height desks, and collaborative stations.

Private Offices

Offering respite from the collaborative hum of today’s modern office environment, private offices allow for individuality and expression.  Agile office spaces are created to suit a variety of specific needs which are determined through collaboration with our team. The solutions are limitless, allowing the office to become a place where technology coexists with solitude. Private offices allow employees to perform at maximum capacity, whether independently or collaboratively.

Seating Products


Eight hours a day or longer demands a comfortable place to sit. Whether for a private office, conference room, cubicles or cafeteria, seating plays a big part in keeping you and your team productive and efficient. So much so, that we come to your office and demonstrate our ergonomic seating options. We’ll provide the right look and feel for any environment.

Conference Room Products

Conference Room / Training

Whether you are convening the Board of Directors, training new employees, or hosting a team brainstorming session, your meeting areas allow a chance to make a statement. Does your meeting area make the right impression? Traditional board rooms are changing to open concept workspaces featuring flexible Power & Data solutions. We’ll provide guidance to make sure your office space impresses each employee, client and prospect while fitting your current design theme.

Flooring Products


Flooring solutions can provide comfort, flexibility and inspiration. Creating sustainable, visually appealing work spaces is the foundation to any office interior. Flooring has the power to influence the mood and tone of any commercial space and is an underutilized design element with significant impact on comfort, aesthetics and the environment.

Reception / Lobby

Reception / Lobby

A first impression warrants considerable attention. Does your reception area reflect the image your business represents? Greet customers with reception furniture reflective of the experience they can expect when working with you. Functional, versatile, and durable reception furniture is a vital design element that conveys positive feelings when making an impression on prospective clients.

Architectural Products

Architectural Walls

Through architecture, clean simple aesthetics reflective of the corporate culture are customized to promote privacy and functionality. Architectural walls paired with sound masking options allow for increased privacy and noise management. Accommodating small or large footprints, architectural solutions are customizable and completely reconfigurable.

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